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Eldair Fabricio Dornelles

PhD Student
Research: A Platform-Independent Language and an Engine for Modeling and Monitoring Smart Contracts in the Application Integration Domain Using Blockchain
Advisor: Dr. Rafael Z. Frantz
Capes Integral Scholarship
Join Date: 03/2020

Work Description:
Companies of different segments and sizes rely on a set of applications to support their business activities. Usually, these companies use integration processes to manage the communication between applications in this environment. Thus, an integration process acts as a middleware communicating individually with each application. Usually, applications used to support business activities include external applications, which means some applications do not belong to the owner of the integration process. Therefore, monitoring the communication between the integration process and the external applications is advisable. In my research, I have developed a study about using smart contracts and blockchain to build monitoring mechanisms for the application integration process. To facilitate the process of writing smart contracts in this domain, I am working on developing a domain-specific language called Jabuti, which provides a high-level abstraction and constructors close to the natural language used in conventional contracts. At this moment, I already have the first version of Jabuti completed, and I am working on validating of this language through case studies.