Research Line: Optimisation
This research line investigates, applies, and develops optimisation and computational-mathematical methods for modelling and resolving complex problems, focusing on the following topics: cloud computing, application integration, data science, experimental data analysis, statistics and probability, differential equations and numerical methods in mathematical modelling for the analysis of complex systems in computing and physical problems.

Research Line: Analysis and Integration of Large Volumes of Data
This research line studies, applies, and improves techniques directed towards the analysis and the mathematical and computational modelling of large volumes of data with the aim to discover information and improve the systems that produce and consume this data. Integration platforms are tools that allow software engineers to connect a diverse range of heterogeneous producers and consumers of data; the adaptation of these platforms to the context of cloud computing is also a goal of this research line. The following fields are investigated: cloud computing, application integration, and big data.

Research Line: Software Engineering
This research line studies methodologies, techniques, and general-purpose and domain-specific languages for the modelling and developing of object-oriented software systems. An additional goal is to study and evaluate the software tools that support the decision-making process.