Draft – Collaborations | GCA

We have been in contact with the following researchers/groups in a number of different ways:
participation in coordinated projects, joint directions, joint publications, research visits…

Cambridge University (United Kingdom)
Topics: Decentralised technologies including blockchain, smart contracts, data integration, business processes.
University of Seville (Spain)
Dr. Rafael Corchuelo, Dr. Inmaculada Hernández Salmerón, Dr. Antonia Maria Reina Quintero
Topics: Integration systems, smart contracts, smart city, domain-specific language.
University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal)
Dr. Vitor Manuel Basto Fernandes
Topics: Optimisation algorithms and methods, application integration.
De Montfort University (United Kingdom)
Dr. Iryna Yevseyeva
Topics: Multicriteria optimisation and decison making.
Rochester Institute of Technology (United States)
Dr. Carlos Rivero Osuna
Topics: Information integration and graphs database.
Leiden University (Netherlands)
Dr. Michael Emmerich
Topics: Multicriteria optimisation algorithms.
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
Dr. Leandro Krug Wives, Dr. Marcelo Soares Pimenta, and Dr. Claudio Fernando Resin Geyer
Topics: Business processes, software development, distributed systems.
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Dr. Raquel M. Pillat
Topics: Business processes.
Federal University of Pampa (Brazil)
Dr. Fábio P. Basso
Topics: Model-driven development.
i2Factory Company (Spain)
Dr. José Luis Arjona
Topics: Application integration platforms in the cloud.
Unijuí University / Physiology Research Group - GPeF (Brazil)
Topics: Biomarkers correlation discovery, artificial intelligence for health prediction.
Federal University of Goiás (Brazil)
Topics: Systems of systems, system interoperability, smart city.