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Arturo Dina Valente

MSc Student
Research: Development of data network infrastructure to support the development of San Marcos as a Smart City
Advisor: Dr. Rafael Z. Frantz
UNIJUI / Gobierno Mpal de San Marcos Scholarship
Join Date: 03/2023

Work Description:
I am investigating how science and technology can help a City become a Smart City. To develop a smart city, the City must have a communication network infrastructure that offers the maximum possible coverage to connect sensors and collect data from their physical infrastructure. My objective is to develop a computational model that determines the best places to place our antennas for data collection and monitoring of the City. These antennas must have the new LoRa technology; they must cover the most significant possible space with the smallest number of antennas and with the lowest possible cost for their installation, all this taking into account natural and artificial restrictions and obstacles.